Simple List Anti-Spam Policy

Simple List has a no tolerance spam policy. Simple List 's customer support actively monitors emails going to a large number of subscribers. Any customer found to be using Simple List for spam will be immediately cut-off from use of the product. If you know of or suspect any violators, please notify us immediately at

Every email contains a mandatory unsubscribe link that cannot be removed.

What is Spam?
Spam is unsolicited email also known as junk mail or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). By sending email only to those who have requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based email guidelines.

How Simple List protects you from sending spam
Simple List is a permission-based email-marketing tool that follows the strictest permission-based philosophies:

  • Verification - Simple List automatically sends all of your new subscribers an email confirming their interest in receiving emails from you. Additionally, if your subscriber changes his or her interests or unsubscribes, Simple List automatically sends an email confirmation.

  • Unsubscription - Every email generated from Simple List contains an unsubscribe link which automatically updates your subscriber lists to avoid the chance of sending unwanted emails to visitors who have unsubscribed.

  • Contact Information - all of your emails are pre-filled with your contact information

Isn't there a law restricting Spam?

Yes, but state spam statutes vary so it is important to conform to the strictest standards. Many states have spam statutes, and they all differ; each state has its own definition of unsolicited commercial email. Additionally, there are various federal agencies keeping track of spam including the Federal Trade Commission.

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